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We can’t tell you the number of people who’ve written us that their memories of the Grand Staircase include running up and down the steps.  Whether it was as a child (racing up and down to see who could get to the top or bottom first), something your high school soccer coach made you do, or, as a jogger, one of the ways you kept in shape, the staircase played a role.

Here is just a sampling of the memories you shared…


Counting the steps

Running miniaturePhoto – early 1990’s – courtesy EOU Pierce Library

A simple Google search yields plenty of results exalting the health benefits of adding stair climbing to your exercise routine.  A restored Grand Staircase could become part of the personal walking or running circuit for area residents and could even be included on the course of organized walks and runs.

Of course, this post comes with a disclaimer:   Before you engage in any form of exercise (like stair climbing), you should check with your physician.  Stair climbing can be strenuous and can lead to physical injury.


small balustersmall balustersmall baluster

We are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to saving and restoring the Grand Staircase at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Oregon.

The staircase was designed by Oregon architect John Bennes and completed in 1929.  Sadly, the staircase has deteriorated over the decades and was closed to public use in 2004.

In November of 2014 it was chosen for inclusion on Restore Oregon’s Most Endangered Places List.

We started this blog and the accompanying Facebook page that same month.  Our intent is to raise awareness of the Grand Staircase and its architectural significance, post photographs and information of historical interest about the staircase, and share the stories and memories of those who love the staircase as much as we do.


LATEST NEWS: In the summer of 2015 the Eastern Oregon University Foundation received grants from Restore Oregon, The Kinsman Foundation, and The National Trust for Historic Preservation.  The funds will go towards determining what needs to be done to save and restore the Grand Staircase and estimating the cost to do so.  This is critical work needed to set the stage for pursuing additional funding.

To see a pictorial history of the staircase and learn more about why it needs saving, please visit our About page.

If you have any questions or have Grand Staircase memories, stories, or photos you would like to share please contact us at



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