Starlit Stairway…

Who out there remembers Starlit Stairway – Spokane, Washington’s local talent show?  Sponsored by the Boyle Fuel Company, it was broadcast on Saturday nights from 1953 – 1973 and was the longest-running live-TV talent program in the country.   First prize was $25, but no one was ever walked away a loser because every contestant received a certificate inscribed with their name and the right to say that they had been on TV.

And of course, how can we forget the Boyle Fuel twins, who week after week, month after month, year after year, sang the Boyle Fuel jingle…

For every heating problem,
Be your furnace old or new,
Just call the Boyle Fuel Company,
And they’ll solve them all for you.

And, then, in perfect harmony implanted the Boyle Fuel phone number in our memory banks to remain there forever.

When you need coal or oil, call Boyle
Fairfax 8-1521
Fairfax 8-1521

Boyle Fuel twins

The Boyle Fuel Twins

Here is where we seamlessly turn this into a post about the Grand Staircase.

Next week marks the peak of the Perseid meteor shower.  The granddaddy of meteor showers, NASA estimates that on the nights of August 12 and 13, the Perseids will produce up to 100 meteors per hour, visible in the northeastern sky, streaking by at 37 miles per second.  Cool.

The photo below shows what the night sky looks like from the View Terrace at the top of the Grand Staircase on a “regular” night.  Now imagine it with a meteor every minute!

Night Sky

Photo – EOU Webcam 7/21/15 10:40 pm

Although the View Terrace has been resurfaced, as we’ve mentioned before the top of the staircase is closed off – barricaded for safety reason.  If you want to see the Perseids this year, there are many other wonderful places in Union County (or wherever else you might be in the northern hemisphere) to do so.

That being said, when the Grand Staircase is restored, can you imagine a better place to watch shooting stars?  La Grande’s own Starlit Stairway!!


To read more about the staircase and why it needs saving go to our About page here.

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4 thoughts on “Starlit Stairway…

  1. Grew up in Bonners Ferry Id so absolutely remember Starlit Stairway. Even the jingle. I have shared it a few times with friends since I am 57 and it still flows through my mind.

  2. I recall the girls, the Boyle oil Jingle and some of the acts. Their phone number is in there for ever it seems.
    A bit early for me I was able to make an appearance on the Wallaby Jack show.

    • Yes, we’ll never forget that number! And, we remember the Wallaby Jack show! That’s very cool you were on it!

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