Which route did you take?

In last week’s post we talked about the two entrances on the south side of Inlow Hall – the one on the west originally intended for faculty and staff and the one on the east originally intended for students.

All of this left us wondering about wear and tear on the treads (and for that matter the balusters) of the Grand Staircase.  Is it more or less uniform or is it uneven?

  • Because of the number of students vs. the number of faculty/staff did more people (at least at one time) enter the east Inlow door than the one on the west? And, did that mean that the steps leading to the east side exit at the top of the staircase were used more than the ones on the west?
  • And what about the steps at the bottom? People coming to the university from east of Ninth Street likely climbed the college steps.  Did they naturally enter on the east side?  People coming from the west side of Ninth Street likely climbed Eighth Street hill instead of taking the stairway.  Does this mean the bottom west entrance was used less often?
  • And, when they were open, how did most people climb up and down the steps? Did they simply ascend or descend one side or the other?  Or did they crisscross back and forth?


How did you climb up (or down) the staircase?  We’d love to know!

To read more about the staircase and why it needs saving go to our About page here.

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