A step toward restoration…

In November of 2014, Restore Oregon selected the Grand Staircase to be on Oregon’s Most Endangered Places List – 2015.  Recently, Peggy Moretti and Brandon Spencer-Hartle of Restore Oregon spent part of a morning with Eastern Oregon University key decision makers exploring options for saving and restoring this architectural treasure.

Brandon and Peggy

Brandon and Peggy at the top of the now closed Grand Staircase

With the expertise, historical perspective, and commitment of the folks at EOU and the invaluable ability of Restore Oregon to provide technical support in the area of historic preservation, it is no surprise that the meeting was productive.

As a result, the wheels have now been set in motion to apply for spring cycle historic preservation grants.  These types of grants provide funding to help preserve, conserve and protect places of historical significance – places that tell the stories of our past.  We’ll be providing further details as the process unfolds.

Restore Oregon Staircase visit

During their visit Peggy took the photo above – a picture that captures both the beauty and the deteriorated condition of the Grand Staircase. 

To read more about the staircase and why it needs saving go to our About page here.

If you have any questions or have Grand Staircase memories, stories, or photos you would like to share please contact us at savethegrandstaircase@gmail.com .


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