A bird’s-eye view…

Did you know that when you squeeze the Mountain Bluebird from the plush toy Audubon collection by Wild Republic the bird call you hear was recorded in La Grande?!

Bluebird pic

Bluebird 2


Of course when we discovered this it got us to wondering if the little guy (or gal) who was caught on tape ever flew over the Grand Staircase. If so, his bird’s-eye view might have looked something like this…

Bird's eye view 1

or this…

bird's eye view

Although Evensong was discontinued long before our little bluebird was born, the picture does a great job of accentuating the architectural design and flow of the steps – something our feathered friend would surely have still enjoyed in 1990.

Unfortunately, as illustrated in the photo below, a bluebird flying over today would not be met with as nice a view.

continues to deteriorate


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