In good company…

What do a bell tower, a former storefront, a home built in 1865, a barn, another barn, and a laundry all have in common?

In good company 1 In good company 2 In good company 3 In good company 4  In good company 5 In good company 6

They are all places sharing Oregon’s Most Endangered Places List 2015 with the Grand Staircase.  Nominated by people from across the state, they were chosen for their value as “cultural and economic assets”.  All, including the Grand Staircase, are in danger of falling down/being torn down if not saved in the fairly near future.

You can read more about each one of them here.

We are honored to be in such good company and wish them well is their restoration and preservation efforts.

To read more about the staircase and why it needs saving go to our About page here.

If you have any questions or have Grand Staircase memories, stories, or photos you would like to share please contact us at .

“How will we know it’s us without our past?” ~ John Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath


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