One part functional, two parts charming…

After we shared the photo of the Grand Staircase in winter we heard from several of you who remembered that when it snowed, 8th Street hill was often too slick to climb up or down so the staircase was the route (albeit also a bit slippery) that you took to class.

The “college steps” and the “college hill” seem irrevocably linked in many people’s minds.  Both a part of the Eastern Oregon University campus, they share the same slope and are just a short block apart.  In the past they provided an entrance to the university – as one EOU alum put it “one part functional, two parts charming”.

The photo below (courtesy of EOU Pierce Library) was taken in January of 1978 at the bottom of the hill before the college became Eastern Oregon University.  You can see the staircase in the background.

EOU entrance


Our post reminded many others of what fun it was to sled down 8th Street using everything from traditional sleds to cafeteria trays to cookie sheets to make the run.

8th Street hill

This photo (courtesy of the EOU Pierce Library) was taken in 1977 during the “8th Street Carnival” sponsored by the Campus Charismatics.




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